To those who care deeply about social justice in their community and the love of Christ among persons of all stripes throughout the world:

It honors me to write on behalf of Matthew Schmitt and Marvin Wadlow Jr and their Table Setters initiative which, among other goals, seeks to interrupt the complacency of people who have and the social isolation of those who have not.

Through Table Setters, Matthew and Marvin have been able to bring about meaningful dialogue between people of diverse socioeconomic and racial backgrounds, and through engaging presentations and curricula, have so far taught hundreds to keep the conversation going. That’s what’s so important. It is no longer enough (as if it ever was) to merely join together in observance of Black History Month or recognize the inspiration of a charismatic African American leader. Such pro forma celebrations have failed to advance an ongoing sensitivity to the historic and contemporary experiences of those who regrettably identify only with society’s underclasses.

Please, if it is at all possible, invite Matthew and Marvin to your table and watch as they bring fresh meaning and continuing action to the directive of Jesus, that we love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:39).

Maurice M. Heald
Ruling Elder
First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood