#FBF: The #BrainCandyPodcast features #TheTableSetters @BrainCandyPod

from November 16, 2016

The Brain Candy ladies are in a post-election tizzy. They are mourning the loss of their candidate, and as such, kick things off with wine time. Susie and Sarah discuss the 2016 election results and why it was a trigger for Sarah’s childhood sexual abuse. We learn about how Sarah is coping with the loss with a weaving loom (oh geez). We discuss how America has elected its first reality television president. Plus, we talk to the founders of the Table Setters who teach people how to facilitate racial reconciliation.  (Table Setters Segment starts around the midway point.)


Listening in Burbank with Marvin Wadlow Jr., November 10, 2016 #TheTableSetters

How is it that a 58-year-old Black man and 38-year-old White man come to have the same understanding about racial issues in the United States? Two words… Holy. Spirit.

Marvin Wadlow Jr. and Matthew John Schmitt have both witnessed the injustice and trauma that has happened racially throughout the United States yet, through very different lenses. They both see a need for people to find language for healing to come. Together they created The Table Setters.  Continue reading here…….



The Trouble I’ve Seen: Mass Incarceration in America – Matthew

From February 22, 2017, Matthew was a featured guest on Leading Questions with Calvin Moore to speak about his perspectives on the issues with mass incarceration and privatized prisons.

Matthew has become a regular guest on Calvin’s show at Podcast Detroit, speaking last year on the day after the 2016 presidential election, and two days before Christmas on the topic of peacemaking and the barriers.  Check out the entire series here.