The Pastor as Spiritual Guide Recommendation

Table Setters are doing critically important yet hard work seeking to foster integration by bringing together peoples from different cultures and ethnicities to that common, universal experience of eating together at the table. Integration is, humanly speaking, hard because it creates personal anxieties, power struggles, losses, and calls forth spiritual disciplines such as surrender, openness, and trust. At the same time, it invites wonderful gains, such as joy, peace, freedom, love, laughter, understanding, and most especially belonging or community. Those of us affiliated the with PSGP pray God’s blessings upon The Table Setters and encourage them as well as our represented communities to invite their leadership and modeling of The Kingdom of God. – The Pastor as Spiritual Guide

Now Accepting Donations

We have been granted non-profit status!

We need $50,000 to support our full launch and create opportunities for schools and churches who otherwise would not be able to afford our visit, workshops, and consulting. We are also poised to write two books that we feel are critically important for just this time, just this place.

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If you would like to send a check directly to “The Table Setters,” mail it to the address you see below:

The Table Setters
c/o Dan Selock
70 Sandy Point
Goreville, IL 62939