Leading Questions: Capital Punishment? 

Leading Questions w/Calvin Moore Season 2, Episode 12
EPISODE TITLE | Capital Punishment: Justice or Revenge?

CONTENT | Calvin & Kent sit down with lawyer Katie Blair, activist Matthew John Schmitt, former prison warden Rick Goldberg, & Jacob Smith of the Returning Citizen Podcast to discuss the purpose of prison, the use of capital punishment, and whether the practice should continue or be abolished.

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#TBT: Matthew gets BUSTED for his Whiteousness!

Matthew tells his story at The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers, Friday, October 21, 2016, “BUSTED!” at Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. Performing Artists Curated by Gina Ellis. Hosted by Satori Shakoor, http://www.satorishakoor.com, Videographer/Editor, 248 Pencils, Inc. http://www.248pencils.com, Don Wellman, Prema Qadir, Camera, Larry Martin, Camera, Jatu Gray, LiveStream Camera

Heartbeats in the Heartland: #TheTableSetters in #Illinois and #Indiana

Spring has arrived now.

Will we blossom once again?

Healing could happen.

I’m writing from Carmel, Indiana as we are concluding our time with leadership of The Synod of Lincoln Trails, the Presbyterians of Illinois and Indiana.  It has been such an encouraging moment of togetherness, while the rest of the country is celebrating or pointing fingers over the future of healthcare.  Thursday, we spent time with brave pink-skinned people in a community center of Olney, Illinois, where our new friend, Beau Brown, serves as a Presbyterian pastor.  From there, we met with a slightly more diverse group (some African and Asian Americans, some with Native heritage, some with biracial children and grandchildren)  of Presbyterian leaders in Carmel, Indiana, just outside Indianapolis.  Our friend Beau was then installed as the new moderator for the Synod of Lincoln Trails, and he is passionate about working towards moments of racial healing from his corner of Christianity.

We talked about the pain that exists, the feelings of animosity that are deeply held, when we’ve been hurt by someone from another race.  While these are personal examples, like the black bully I had in middle school (who later apologized and meant it!), they matter.  Of course, my pain on this level is relative to the pain that my friends of color experience, because I only have a handful of personal pain stories.  Marvin has luggage, as he calls it, involving both personal stories of being intentionally hurt, alongside the everyday ache that systemic racism causes.

And it wasn’t a time of presenting solutions.  But a time to hold in each other’s pain.  These steps matter, and are often overlooked to jumpstart towards solutions.

Trust is needed.  And trust takes time, repeated positive experiences, to build.  Then, and only then, when we know we have each other’s backs, or more pointedly, when people of color know that white people aren’t going to cut and run when the going gets tough, only then can we start to dream up anything close to solutions.

Thank you brave souls of Olney and Lincoln Trails.  You have encouraged us and we hope to set more tables with you and your communities soon.

Peace by peace,


#FBF: @MatthewJSchmitt On The Table Setters & Loving Your Enemies with @JamesPrescottt77

Today I’m joined by Matthew Schmitt, co-founder of The Table Setters, a new organisation running diversity workshops, and doing consulting that helps to develop culturally integrated lives in churches, schools & businesses in the US.

Matthew and I talk about issues of race and equality in the US today, and the challenge of what it really means to love your enemy. The concept of the Table Setters is to bring people of different perspectives, races, backgrounds, beleifs around the same table and have healthy dialogue, and Matthew and I discuss together what this looks like – in particular in the current political climate in the US.

And with the election of Donald Trump as President, we talk about how progressives and conservatives, instead of hating on each other, might follow Jesus example, come around a table together, and hear each others stories – and how that is what may bring about the change we desperately need.

Matthew is a truly inspiring man, doing some groundbreaking work, and his words will both encourage and challenge you.  Listen below:

Source: Poema 005 : Matthew Schmitt On The Table Setters & Loving Your Enemies

From February 1, 2017

#TBT: Behind The Scenes, and Action!

From the fall of 2016. After debating over whether Jesse Corti (a mutual friend from Hollywood Presbyterian Church) did, or did not, play the Teacup in Beauty and the Beast, Isaac works on delivering his lines. There is a tension, and therein lies a perfect table setting: does Isaac say his lines, written by Andre Henry, as forcefully as he feels them? Or does he risk coming across as the “angry black male?”

A few weeks ago, we heard Ivy weigh in on what this taught her, scroll back to that post on 3/2/17

Isaac’s reflections were on 3/9/17.